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Special (virtual) issue in Redox Biology

A virtual issue in Redox Biology with articles by the speakers, summarizing concepts presented at the course is currently being put together. Here, you will find links to the articles already published (they are all open access) - and a link to the final issue as soon as it is available.


Speaker (and author/co-author)

Title and Link

  Antonio Miranda-Vizuete

Caenorhabditis elegans as a model for understanding ROS function in physiology and disease

  Thomas Kietzmann

Metabolic zonation of the liver: The oxygen gradient revisited

  Helen Griffiths

Redox regulation in metabolic programming and inflammation

  Andreas Daiber

Taking up the cudgels for the traditional reactive oxygen and nitrogen species detection assays and their use in the cardiovascular system
  Nesrin Kartal Özer

Impact of high cholesterol and endoplasmic reticulum stress on metabolic diseases: an updated mini-review

  Fernando Antunes

Quantitative biology of hydrogen peroxide signaling
  Silvina Bartesaghi and
Rafael Radi

Fundamentals on the Biochemistry of Peroxynitrite and Protein Tyrosine Nitration
  Maria Monsalve

ROS homeostasis, a key determinant in liver ischemic-preconditioning
  Lars-Oliver Klotz and
Holger Steinbrenner

Cellular adaptation to xenobiotics: Interplay between xenosensors, reactive oxygen species and FOXO transcription factors
  Niki Chondrogianni

Redox regulation of proteasome function
  Tilman Grune

Proteostasis, oxidative stress and aging


Here's a selection of presentations currently available for download. Many others will be published in the form of an article in Redox Biology (see above)

Andreas Daiber Presentation on COST action EU-ROS -- Sep 22, 2016

Lars-Oliver Klotz Closing remarks (and awards) -- Sep 24, 2016


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